Discover the genuine taste of Cetara’s traditions. A vast array of unique food products to choose from: salted, marinated or spiced anchovies will bring to mind the typical flavors of the waters of the Cetara Coast.

Colatura di Alici

A crude garnish for spaghetti, a dressing to flavour any kind of dish.
Once you try it you will love it!


Sgombro, Maccarello, Lacerto: in Italian there so many names for the Mackerel, this tasty fish that's rich in Omega 3!

Pesce ghiaccio

A unique tasting fish, suitable for the preparation of appetisers or bruschetta and, when using the flavoured variant, also for delicious first course dishes.


Typical of maritime tradition, swordfish is one of the finest fish in the Mediterranean Sea.

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