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Trofie broccoli, clams and colatura

Trofie broccoli, clams and colatura


350 gr. trofie pasta
500 gr. clams (vongole)
300 gr. broccoli
100 gr. sun-dried tomatoes Delfino Battista
2 cloves of garlic
2 dessert spoons of olive oil
2 dessert spoons of Colatura di Alici
salt to season.

Clock  35 min.

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Trofie Pasta with Broccoli, Clams and Colatura Recipe

Cook the broccoli (broccoletti pugliesi), remove the stalks and chop and fry the tops in olive oil and garlic; add a handful of sun-dried tomatoes (pomodori secchi Delfino Battista) (softened in warm water beforehand).

Meanwhile, cook the clams (vongole) (on a high gas) in olive oil and garlic until their shells open up. Filter the liquid and save it.

Shell the vongole and add them to the broccoli (save about ten in their shells for garnish).Add about half the liquid slowly to the broccoli while cooking.

Cook the Trofie al dente, drain,  put the drained pasta into the pan with the broccoli and add the two dessert spoons of  Colatura di Alici. Serve garnished with the vongole in their shells and fresh parsley (preferably French parsley which is very similar in form to the broccoletti).

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