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Spaghetti with Colatura

Spaghetti with Colatura


350 gr. Spaghetti




8 tablespoons of olive oil

4 tablespoons of Colatura di alici

Clock  20

Difficoltà Difficoltà

Persone Persone Persone Persone


The traditional Cetara recipe

Cook the pasta in unsalted boiling water. Meanwhile, chop some parsley, garlic and  peperoncino (optional), add eight tablespoons of olive oil and four dessert spoons of Delfino Battista colatura di alici di Cetara (Anvhovy Sauce).

Add to the pasta cooked al dente, mix well (do not cook) and serve.

The spaghetti al dente and the strong flavour of the Colatura will guarantee you pure pleasure with each mouthful; the true essence of the magnificent culinary tradition of the Amalfi Coast.

A plain, extremely simple dish! Spaghetti with Colatura di Alici can be cooked by anyone and it doesn’t take much time. An old recipe that well reflects the frenetic pace of modern day: in a few minutes, you can serve a dish which is special, healthy and delicious.


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