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Caponata Tuna

Caponata Tuna


2 Gallette da marinai
50 gr. Tuna sliced thinly
4 Salted anchovies
100 gr. tonno in olio d’oliva
1 dessert spoon of capers
20 Black olives
2 or 3 dessert spoons of white vinegar, ad libitum
½ glass of olive oil
a glass of water
salt to season.

Clock  15 min.


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Caponata Tuna Recipe

Fillet the alici (anchovies) and mash into small  pieces with a fork.

Drain the tuna fish and crush with a fork.

Pour some water into a dish. Dip the gallette into the water making sure they don’t absorb too much. Squeeze out the water and break them into pieces.

Place the gallette into a deep serving dish, season with salt, add the small pieces of alici, the tuna fish, the mosciame, chopped capers and the green olives (whole or stoned).

Dress with olive oil and serve at once.

… buon appetito!

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